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Beehive Roadmap - MXXX Support Infrared Codes in CCF Format

This milestone is part of the Beehive Roadmap. See the roadmap for full details of milestones and scheduling of milestones.

This is an incomplete milestone description. More details on CCF format is required.

CCF Support for Infrared

Another popular repository (besides LIRC) of infrared codes is Component Configuration Files (CCF) from Philips Pronto universal remotes. CCF files contain infrared space-pulse sequences as well as user interface layout configuration.

The CCF are binary files which makes them somehwat less accessible. They also contain a lot of user interface information besides the infrared codes. The format seems rather proprietary and controlled by Philips.

The value here for Beehive is to have a single repository of community managed infrared codes from both the LIRC and CCF repositories. The challenge is to keep contributions in sync across LIRC and CCF repositories such as and to provide a common, merged infrared code model to eliminate redundancies.

There are existing Open Source projects that deal with CCF file formats, most notably the Tonto project lead by [Stewart Allen|]. There's also a good documentation on the CCF format located on the Tonto website:

A work has also been done to convert CCF format to LIRC configuration files. This means the infrared code part of CCF is exhangeable with LIRC configuration format and the latter could (at least initially) serve as the common configuration file format for infrared (ignoring the user interface layout configuration of CCF).

Useful Resources
Send IR commands using Pronto codes directly with LIRC
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