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Re: Migration from Designer 2.1x to 2.5
בתאריך יום רביעי, 8 ביוני 2016 בשעה 15:50:01 UTC+3, מאת Pierre Kil: > Good news! We (actually Eric) found a way to export your project from > version 2.1 (the previous Free Designer) into version 2.5. For users of > version 2.4 (previous version of the Professional Designer), you can safely >
Re: No onlain synchronization with the controller!
Up Help me to solve this problem. I can not synchronize my controller with the designer online. I can normally go into my account in the designer; I normally make changes in the project; I normally save changes to the project. But I can not synchronize online only through the export file .zip.
webconsole error
Hello I use the webconsole 2.1.4 it is impossible with the mouse to click the address of the controller, on the other hand with my touch-sensitive screen it works thank you
Re: designer 2.5 local
> > I use actuellemnt designer MacFly locally with the database provided > import.sql and it works very well. ( > > ) > Le lundi 17 octobre 2016 18:35:47 UTC+2, Pierre Pierrot a écrit : > > Hello
Re: Random number to create a slow chase
I say :-) Thanks Michal. I was thinking that it would be far more complex than that :-) I'm in an installation right now that I might be able to try that out with :-) Otherwise, I'll give it a go at home next week. How much do I owe you now? Cheers, Stuart
Re: Random number to create a slow chase
rule "-Generate random 6 digits hex" timer(int: 0 10s) // Remove this when acting on Event, otherwise it will generate a new random every 10 seconds when // Event(source=="your trigger", value=="on") // Make sure that value is not "on" inbetween, otherwise the rule won't trigger or you need
Random number to create a slow chase
Hi No surprise here, yet another Rules question... (Will someone please just charge me € for doing these?) With the ability to scene set DMX & SPi universe', I just can't resist trying to get OpenRemote to (slowly) fire off commands to create a simple random chase. I found this :-
Re: Aeon/Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 fails
In general a Z-Wave device can only be part of one Z-Wave network that is defined by a Z-Wave Home ID. That means you have to exclude the Door Sensor from the SmartThings Z-Wave network before you can include it to the OpenRemote Z-Wave network. The Aeon MultiSensor 6 can be included securely
Re: Car heater timer
Hi, probably some functions are missed. Simply copy it to the rule's file: function String _ShiftTime(Object o, int min){ String mt = o.toString(); if(mt.equals("")){mt="-";} SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm"); Date date = null; if(mt.substring(0,1).equals("-")){
Ebox Image
Does an image for ebox with Openremote 2.5 installed exist? Regards George
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