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Re: Availability of new Z-Wave commands.
Oh, very, very good! In the coming days I will try to update OpenRemote to 2.1.1 (on my Synology NAS) to version 2.6.2 and check my thermostats. And where i can now download the version `3.0.0` ? On the old site, for "free design" where - to download a zwave.jar file? Or, the zwave.jar file is
Re: How to integrate Fibaro "The Button"
It seems that the Fibaro Button doesn't support the Z-Wave command class COMMAND_CLASS_SCENE_ACTIVATION. Fibaro utilizes the command class COMMAND_CLASS_CENTRAL_SCENE in order to send scene information. Unfortunately this command class is currently not supported.
Re: Availability of new Z-Wave commands.
Re: Controller 2.6.0 beta release Enocean question (EEPA53808)
The build creates the OpenRemote-Controller-2.5.0.war file - therefore I'ld say it's the 2.5 controller. In addition you have to use Java 1.6 because the Gradle build file contains the following settings: sourceCompatibility = 1.6 targetCompatibility = 1.6
Re: OpenRemote and ESP8266
Just out of curiosity... Is this your weather station?
Re: OpenRemote and ESP8266
Purely going on what Pieter has observed, have you got a way of editing how your device offers up the HTML? With the aim of removing the redundant

tag? Does your ESP8266 offer a template that you could edit?

Re: OpenRemote and ESP8266
Hi. Thank you for your response. The original code isn't mine, it's generated by ESP8266. I'll check the second link you gave to me, maybe I'll find something useful. I've some guy been talking about getting JSON response as well, I'll get in touch with him as well. As OR works fine with JSON
Re: OpenRemote Re: RRDtool
Obvious thing I missed off was to insert the fact after creating it: - rule "initialise" when eval(true) then PulseCount counter = new PulseCount(); counter.setValue(-1); insert(counter); end Rich On 26 Aug 2016 09:08, "Michal Rutka" wrote: > Just remark
Re: Controller 2.6.0 beta release Enocean question (EEPA53808)
controller/runtime is where the "template" for our tomcat server is, so you're basically launching an empty tomcat, without anything deployed in there. Do a gradlew clean controller instead, then use controller generated under controller/builds/distributions > iMac-Schaaf-Dubelaar:bin
Re: OpenRemote and ESP8266
Hi Pieter has been in touch to suggest that it looks like your HTML has an error in it, which might be causing a problem. Apparently, the last

shouldn't be there. He said that with the

tag removed, the XPath query you created works fine on this test site :- http://www.freeformatter.

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