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Russound CAV6.6 / CAA66
I'd like to be able to control either a Russound CAA66 or CAV6.6 without keypads (via app). Can I use any Serial RS232 to Ethernet device in adapter with OpenRemote or do I need specific brand RS232 to Ethernet device? If anyone is using one of these Russound's with OpenRemote, could you
Re: Migration from Designer 2.1x to 2.5
Username: slockyer
Re: Migration from Designer 2.1x to 2.5
error 500 username: icefluffy
Re: OpenRemote Re: Help knx
Hallo Jussi, thanks for your post. I'll try to answer to your question: My OR controlled knx functions work fine, I can move my blinds and perform tasks. I can read the status on status group address and my blind controller broadcast status change. I've made some test using OR and reading the
Re: OpenRemote Re: Help knx
Also, does your other OR controlled knx functions work? Can you read the status on status group address? Does or get it when you read it via ets? Does your blind controller broadcast status change arter it reached desired position?
Re: OpenRemote Re: Help knx
I suspect that the openremote is trying to read wrong group address. It shouldn't be same as command(write) group address.. that is at least case for me. Also check that read flags are set correctly on ets. Also I recommend that you shut down all computers using knx ip-connection including raspi
Re: OpenRemote Re: Help knx
I've tried knx controller (android) and it can read the status. I really don't know, i'll try other ways. Hope to read someone, bye
Controller 2.5 and KNX DPT:s
Hi i've problems with 5001 too, I can't see my blind's state anymore. Can you help me? Unfortunately I'm not expert enough to understand and fix the problem. I've already open a topic in this group, you can answer there so that everyone can fix the problem. Thanks a lot
Re: v2.5 designer Switch only taking command for the off position
For test purposes I'ld recommend that you add two buttons and link them with the ON and OFF command respectively. In addition add a label and link it with the STATUS command. When pressing the ON button you should see the 'ON' status on the label. The same is true for the OFF button. If this
Re: v2.5 designer Switch only taking command for the off position
Sounds like the status of your switch is not updating check that your sensor command is working correctly (use it in a label to ensure it correctly shows on/off). Switches are stateful so they read the current state and when you click on them they perform the appropriate action (i.e. if your
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