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Re: help with reading reply
thanks heaps Michal, the rule didnt work though but i dont no anything about rules yet!! time to try and learn how to :) if i cant work it out i will post back
Re: RRDtool
Hi Bart, To do this with rules use a custom fact to store the previous pulse value, something like this should work but I've not tested it: - declare PulseCount value : Double end Then a rule to fire at startup: - rule "initialise" when eval(true) then PulseCount counter = new
Re: help with reading reply
Hi nick, you can extract a field from the return value with JSONPath. For this example the correct string would be "$.tid". More about JSONPath You can pass a value to workload with ${param}. You can do this from a rule. For your example a rule would be something like: (not
help with reading reply
hey all, the request is http post content-type is Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded User-Agent: Dalvik/1.6.0 (Linus; U; Android 4.4.2; ASUS_T00J Build/KVT49L) Host: ipofnas:8809 Connection: Keep-Aliv Accept-Encoding: gzip workload is asremoteCmds/infoCmd=
Re: ZWave Dim to fixed value
For a dimmer you have to create the commands DIM, STATUS, ON, and OFF in the OpenRemote Designer. The STATUS command has to be linked with a level sensor. Finally create a slider with the level sensor and the DIM command. Afterwards you can place this slider on a panel. example: Z-Wave node ID =
Re: RRDtool
Thats exactly the way i started to do this. But, i can't seem to get this working. Sometimes after reboot it works but most of the time it does nothing, i just can't get it right. It probably has something to do with reading the last and the previous version. This is the rule i made; rule
Re: ZWave Dim to fixed value
Hi Can you send a sample configuration for commands for the dimmer - to turn it on and off and dim with a slider? I have this following dimmer and I am not quite sure how to set it up on OR. It associated on the Zwave as a node. It shows command class support multilevel switch http://www.monop
Re: RRDtool
Hi Bart, I'd use rules to achieve this: - Convert pulses to watts Push value into in memory (virtual) command Create sensor to show this in memory command value Configure RRD4J to log this sensor Can create instantaneous power and KWh sensors and log both to RRD4J as well as show the values on
Re: RRDtool
Wow! That's one complex way if getting a reading. I really wish I could help you. A Velbus input module could count the LED pulses and give you the answer, but they really doesn't help you right now. Good luck, Stuart
Openremote on Raspberry Pi: Internal Commands
Fellow Open Remote users, I want to start a new project with my Raspberry Pi. I want to make a nice application with openremote to control my raspberry pi. But I want to run the openremote server on the raspberry pi. Now I have no idea how I can communicate a command in openremote with the
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